Rockage: San Jose and all the intense happenings therin

This weekend marks the one week countdown until Rockage: San Jose decimates the South Bay with pure awesome. If you’re not familiar, Rockage is a three day festival of free-play arcade and console video games and video game tournaments, live music and local food trucks. Already sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

ImageWell let me talk a bit about me, since this is my blog after all.

For starters, there will be a 40 minute Matthew Joseph Payne set in the evening on Sunday, February 10th. I’m excited to be featuring both the saxophone duo that joined me at this year’s Silicon Valley Brownout AND the string trio that previously played with me at the Starry Plough late last year. It will be epic.

Immediately before my set, Meerenai Shim will be performing my piece “Flight of the Bleeper Bird” for flute and gameboy, only the piece’s third performance – Meerenai is a fierce performer and this experience is not to be missed!


(no, she’s not playing her quarter-tone contrabass flute in my piece, but it’s pretty hard not to want to use photos of it)


But that’s not all – immediately before that, I will be joining a few of my fellow chiptune artists in an educational chiptune panel, so if you desire to get yourself started in chipmusic, this is a golden opportunity.

…and I’m still not done.

I’ll be releasing some free music that weekend, namely a recording of my cover of Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights”, along with some bonus live tracks, the .lsdsng file, and awesome art by Jay Tholen:

ImageAdditionally, I’ll have awesome new Matthew Joseph Payne stickers, and the remaining Glowing Stars t-shirts!

And of course, all weekend long there will be awesome performances by Crashfaster, Slime Girls, Cartoon Bar Fight, Cartoon Violence, The Minibosses, Bit Brigade, GNARBOOTS, the list goes on and on. How can you miss this? Don’t.


Facebook event:

RockageSJ Facebook page:


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