Merch Madness

My friends and I have been receiving some nice packages lately… I just wanted to give you the rundown on the awesome merch we’re going to have available at Rockage this weekend, because man, there’s a lot!

First and foremost, here’s a little tidbit that’s been a long time coming:


Yep that’s right, as we just announced yesterday, the Crashfaster/The Glowing Stars split “In Flames/Shotgun” is being released for sale and free download on Valentine’s Day – but if you come to Rockage 2.0, you can get a first shot at it! Crashfaster will be selling them on Friday and Saturday, and I will be selling them on Sunday!

I’m also still selling The Glowing Stars t-shirts – I’m pretty much down to XL, and selling them at a discounted $15! This is your last chance to get them, so get them!

Next and nextmost, Meerenai Shim, who will be performing my piece “Flight of the Bleeper Bird” for flute and gameboy at Rockage on Sunday (right before my set!) will have her new CD “The Art of Noise” for sale, which includes not only my chiptune-flutey goodness, but a whole bevvy of original compositions for flute and other instruments, never before recorded! This record won’t be officially released for over a month, but now’s your ONLY chance to grab it early…

ImageAnd if that weren’t enough, I’ve got some new stickers of some old art that I’m excited, about, they look like this:

ImagePretty snazzy, huh?

Oh and it just doesn’t end… don’t forget, I’m releasing some FREE music tomorrow! My cover of Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” will be available on my bandcamp along with a couple of exclusive live tracks and a relevant .lsdsng file. I’ll be handing out these cool little printed reminders with Jay Tholen‘s awesome cover art on them…

ImageSo! Don’t miss Rockage, this weekend in San Jose! Don’t miss free music! Don’t miss cool new releases and stickers and stuff! See you there!


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