Call for musicians!

Had a fantastic time last Saturday with a ton of awesome bands and artists at the 11th Silicon Valley Brownout. I was joined by the fantastic Alex Attard and Jorge Hernandez (who you may remember from the final Glowing Stars show), playing alto and tenor saxes, respectively.


Next up is a last second addition to my agenda, specifically I’ve been squeezed into the already fantastic show going on this coming Friday the 18th in Santa Cruz at The Crepe Place with some of my best friends in the chipmusic world, Crashfaster, Slime Girls and Together We Are Robots. I’ve enjoyed playing with a variety of mixed ensembles lately, and for this show I’d like to build on that success; and also maybe tear it down a little.

If you play a woodwind, brass, bowed string or other melody instrument, at any skill level, I need your help to embrace meaningful chaos.

email me at and let me know:

what instrument you play
how well you play it
how well you read sheet music
how comfortable you are at improvising

…and you will hear back from me shortly.

 All hail the windy front of manageable chaos! Long live the Populous Ensemble!


Oh and one other thing!

The untiringly talented and hard working Meerenai Shim is flying all the way out to Chicago, just to play my flute and gameboy piece “flight of the bleeper bird” at George Flynn’s Birthday Concert at the Green Mill. I can’t tell you how bummed I am that I won’t be there to witness it myself, but if you’re anywhere near Chicago, you shouldn’t be like me – go experience some chiptune flute action, in addition to some other fantastic new music works!


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