New Track! New shows! LA! SJ!

If you were at 8bitSF early last night, you may have caught me previewing a new tune at the open mic. Or maybe you were in the back room playing Dragon Fantasy, but I’m not judging. Either way, that track, Quintation, is available today on pxl-bot’s Weekly Treats series along with a rad interview – check it out!

Additionally, I should probably mention that I’ve got a couple more shows set up this year. More may come about, but for the moment you can feast your calendar-oriented senses on these puppies:


Facebook event

For my first appearance in LA as MJP, I’ll be flying down the freeway with my good friend (and one of two excellent clarinetists who have already loaned their talents to my next record) Hamilton, who performs as Makeunder, representing a body of music that you MUST experience. This show will be a rare solo show for him. It MIGHT be a rare 2xLSDJ solo show for me, but I’m still keeping my options and surprises open…

And then…


Facebook event

I’m excited to be making a triumphant return to San Jose’s fabulous Cafe Strich in this free megashow of epic proportions!  I’m especially excited to be sharing the stage with North Carolina’s D&D Sluggers for the first time. I am fairly confident that something unusual, interesting and collaborative will occur at this show.

These shows are everybody’s first opportunity to get their hands on these puppies:



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