Gargantuan Acoustic Locator – physical release at last!

First I should say this – I am deep in the throes of producing a new album. It is mostly tracked, but it won’t appear in your hands until some time early next year.

In the meantime, by popular demand I have produced physical (CD) copies of Gargantuan Acoustic Locator for you to enjoy. Behold!

There are some slight edits in this edition of the record, which will be reflected soon in the bandcamp version. In the meantime, you can look forward to seeing KeFF’s fabulous artwork in the shiny, inksoaked flesh. Each copy comes with lyrics and liner notes printed on mimeograph paper, as well as a sticker.

When will they be available? Due to the limited nature of this pressing, they will initially be available only at shows, of which there will be a few more this year, due for impending announcement. As such, following this blog might prove fortuitous.


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