Happy Hour with A/B Duo, featuring “Echoloquacious” – THIS FRIDAY

Just a little reminder – the bi-coastal A/B Duo will be in town this week debuting my new piece for flute, percussion and LSDJ – “Echoloquacious”, along with a new work by Ivan Trevino. It’s gonna be rad! Hope to see you there!

Happy Hour with A/B Duo at San Francisco’s Center for New Music on September 27th

Gargantuan Acoustic Locator – physical release at last!

First I should say this – I am deep in the throes of producing a new album. It is mostly tracked, but it won’t appear in your hands until some time early next year.

In the meantime, by popular demand I have produced physical (CD) copies of Gargantuan Acoustic Locator for you to enjoy. Behold!

There are some slight edits in this edition of the record, which will be reflected soon in the bandcamp version. In the meantime, you can look forward to seeing KeFF’s fabulous artwork in the shiny, inksoaked flesh. Each copy comes with lyrics and liner notes printed on mimeograph paper, as well as a sticker.

When will they be available? Due to the limited nature of this pressing, they will initially be available only at shows, of which there will be a few more this year, due for impending announcement. As such, following this blog might prove fortuitous.

New piece for A/B Duo; “Echoloquacious”, to debut on Sept 27th, 2013

I’ve been working on this cool thing – well okay, most of the work is done for me already. First if you’ll think back a bit, you might recall “Flight of the Bleeper Bird” for flute and LSDJ, which was commissioned by and has been performed extensively now by the wonderful Meerenai Shim

Meerenai has been touring that 12min epic around the country and getting a fantastically positive response. The gorgeous 7″ records she had pressed have been moving into the excited hands of concertgoers. Meanwhile, I’ve been toiling away at a new piece for Meerenai and her duet with percussionist Chris Jones called A/B Duo. They’ve been leaking some teeny bits of their rehearsals of the piece here and there, like this one:

You will also notice a little snippet of Ivan Trevino‘s new work also written specifically for Meerenai and Chris titled “Things We Dream About”. Both pieces are being debuted at Happy Hour with A/B Duo at San Francisco’s Center for New Music on September 27th. I’m so very wildly excited to see this work hit the streets, so I hope you’ll come join me!

East Coast Tour Recap (part 2) & VISUALS

Part of the reason my east coast tour happened at all was that I was asked to do visuals at July’s 8static. It went great, but not without some tribulations.

The sun makes it look like I’m arc welding or something.

It took me a little while to figure this out when I got to Rochester, but my video mixer took a real beating on the plane. Everything else survived intact, thankfully, but thanks to quick thinking, Nick’s graceful tool and space loaning, and a rad electronics shop down the street, I was able to hack things back together, albeit with a rotary potentiometer dangling out of the crossfader slot…

In the end, though, I’d say it was a success.

Kris Keyser – photo by chiptography (Marjorie Becker)

I got to have fun with some custom NES roms put together rather simply with nocarrier‘s awesome utility logones.


Once I came home, I got to jam on visuals again at August’s 8bitSF. The bill was a set of artists that Eric Fanali and I put together, and I was really excited to light up the stage for 1000 Needles, Slime Girls and Space Town Savior. Photographic evidence is short as of yet, but I’ll come back with more when it appears. I tried to step up my logones game a little bit with more complex custom lettering…

Photo by La Vie En Photos, but thrashed by Facebook.

Starpause provided visuals for the open mic and for my friends in Adonisaurus, and during Space Town Savior’s set, we plugged his rig into mine and jammed. That’s where the real magic happened, so I hope I can show that off soon.

Photo by La Vie En Photos and thrashed by Facebook (again)

East Coast Tour Recap… Finally (part 1)


Photo by EMi Spicer

Last month I got to take a little trip. It was way super rad.


Matthew Joseph Payne – EAST COAST TOUR


Coming hot off the heels of a successful first show at the delightful Cafe Stritch in San Jose, I’m pleased to announce my first East Coast tour! So – tell your friends, tell your foes!

July 11th – Rochester, NY – Rochester Chip opening for Revengineers and Math the Band


July 12th – New York, NY –  Garden Flow with Jonathan Mann and Duravirgo


July 13th – Philidelphia, PA – 8static with Chipocrite, Kris Keyser & Noisewaves – I’m also doing visuals!




MJP live TONIGHT @ Cafe Strich in San Jose!




Hey, what are you doing tonight?

ImageHey you should come to this cool show I’m playing in San Jose! Yeah, I’ve got like 6 or 7 people playing with me… and the other bands are really cool too! A Yawn Worth Yelling has very cool vocal harmony stuff going on, and Containher & the Star People has a very unique hybrid kind of creativity… yeah it should be great! Oh and I keep hearing about all this mac & cheese waffle business that the venue sells, but I don’t eat either of those things so you’ll have to make your own judgement.