December 16th show in SF, plus A/B Duo EP release and ILBT Indiegogo!

A week from tonight, I’ll be cracking some older tunes out of the archive for a two saxophone and guitar set in SF with some fabulous, fabulous bands.

I made my acquaintance with Garage Voice (hailing from Seattle) when I played a show with them as part of The Family Crest a few months back. They’re passing through town again this month and I jumped at the chance to share a stage with them. Also joining us is my always amazing friends in Makeunder. I would love to see you at this event, on a nice lazy Monday evening!

In other news, A/B Duo (Meerenai Shim and Chris Jones) recently released their first EP titled “Things We Dream About” which features the titular piece by Ivan Trevino, as well as my own “Echoloquacious” for flute, drumset/vibraphone and LSDJ! You can get it on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and the rest, but I always recommend you check it out on Bandcamp.

If you like the fuzzy NewMusicPop feeling that gave you, I would encourage you to support the International Low Brass Trio in their Indiegogo campaign, which ends in just six short days! Besides touring Canada and taking my piece “Tolerances” with them (along with a Game Boy), they’re hoping to record an expanded version when they come home, along with a bevy of awesome new works that they commissioned this season. You can check out what they’re doing here and pledge to help out!

Oh and here, check out the premiere performance of “Tolerances”!

And more new and more news… Rockage returns next February with Rockage 3.0 at a new location! I’ve got fun exciting things in store for this year, including collaborations and a new record (I hope!) so keep tuned. For now, you should probalby pre-order your tickets – 3-day passes are still $20 on brownpapertickets!

Oh and I don’t know if you heard, but The Glowing Stars are playing a few shows. 🙂

TGS from rear

More info to come, but the first thing you should know about is that we’re playing 8bitLA’s fabulous Frequency 3.0 in January. You can get 3-day passes for $20 for this too!


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