MJP @ GCG + ILBT = !!! Also, A/B Duo preorders!

I’ve been a busy busy composer lately…

The International Low Brass Trio, in collaboration with the Guerilla Composer’s Guild, will be debuting a new piece by yours truly for french horn, trombone, tuba and LSDJ on November 15th along with a host of other awesome new compositions by local composers! Not to be missed.

This has been a really fun and exciting project and I’m super excited to hear it come to life! I talked a little bit about working with the ILBT in a mini feature they posted on their blog – while you’re there, be sure to check out the features on the other eight composers whose works are being debuted!

Check out the facebook event!



That’s right, A/B Duo is making this rad limited edition CDs of their EP of “Echoloquacious” and Ivan Trevino’s “Things We Dream About”, and you can pre order them (and the digital version) at the A/B Duo Bandcamp! Right now! In case you haven’t seen it already, here’s a neat teaser for Echoloquacious. The recording they did of these piece is absolutely fabulous!


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