New piece for A/B Duo; “Echoloquacious”, to debut on Sept 27th, 2013

I’ve been working on this cool thing – well okay, most of the work is done for me already. First if you’ll think back a bit, you might recall “Flight of the Bleeper Bird” for flute and LSDJ, which was commissioned by and has been performed extensively now by the wonderful Meerenai Shim

Meerenai has been touring that 12min epic around the country and getting a fantastically positive response. The gorgeous 7″ records she had pressed have been moving into the excited hands of concertgoers. Meanwhile, I’ve been toiling away at a new piece for Meerenai and her duet with percussionist Chris Jones called A/B Duo. They’ve been leaking some teeny bits of their rehearsals of the piece here and there, like this one:

You will also notice a little snippet of Ivan Trevino‘s new work also written specifically for Meerenai and Chris titled “Things We Dream About”. Both pieces are being debuted at Happy Hour with A/B Duo at San Francisco’s Center for New Music on September 27th. I’m so very wildly excited to see this work hit the streets, so I hope you’ll come join me!


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