East Coast Tour Recap… Finally (part 1)


Photo by EMi Spicer

Last month I got to take a little trip. It was way super rad.

First I stopped in lovely Rochester, NY where I was graciously hosted by the delightful and talented Nick Maynard of Revengineers and general awesomeness fame. Sadly, our purpose there was a relatively dark one – that night I had the bittersweet opportunity to see and perform at my first and last – indeed the last – Revengineers show. I also got to meet and work with the fantastic new visualist SBthree who also makes some rad music.


The next morning, I took an early morning Megabus trip to New York City and met up with the fabulous EMi Spicer, who not only hosted me but helped me put together a house show at Dustin Long‘s pad in Brooklyn (check out his rad NES collection in the corner of the photo), which was, furthermore, an opportunity to catch up with and play a show with Jonathan Mann, who I hadn’t seen for about two years. It was an awesome, cozy and chill event, and the perfect midpoint to my tour.

More awesome photography by EMi Spicer


Finally, we made our way to Philly for 8static.

Photography by Chiptography (Marjorie Becker)

You’ll notice the kindly gentleman on tuba joining me on the stage – ap0c was kind enough to sit in, and just blew everybody away. Now, I’m pretty proud of what we’ve got going on at 8bitSF in San Francisco, but the  enthusiasm that ebbed from this place was infectious. And that open mic! Oh and here’s some video from my set.

It’s also worth noting that I had the exhausting honor of running visuals for this entire set. Let’s rewind though. We’ll chat about visuals in another post, hmmk?

For now, THANK YOU to everyone that booked me, hosted me, took photos or video of me, bought merch, fed me, said what’s up, drove me places, and/or was rad in any other way. PARTICULARLY, Nick, Cheryl, EMi, Matt, Dustin, Jonathan, Emily, Marjorie, the other Emily and Joey.


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