8bitSF Guest Feature #3: Keith Penney, accordion

ImageKeith and I have had some great times together on the stage, most notably in the CSUEB/Dandelion Dance Theater production of Tongues, which ultimately traveled to the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. In that show, we played a pair of (mostly) wordless accordion playing ghosts. It was pretty rad.

Keith is super active – he plays in the old timey parlour band The World’s Finest Apples, performs as a dancer and multi-instrumentalist with Dandelion Dancetheater, and has a bevy of other projects in the works. He recently shared accordion duties with me on the upcoming album The Family Crest album, Beneath the Brine.

Luckily, he’s put the time aside to spend some time on the Matthew Joseph Payne bandwagon, lending his talent and energy to my 8bitSF show this coming Thursday, June 13th.

I’ve got TWO MORE band members to feature yet – watch this space!



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