Nina Haft & Co. – To Begin With the Ending Already In Sight

Really excited to have written the original score and put together the sound design for this fantastic dance piece being presented at the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Oakland, later this month! I’ve worked with Nina in this capacity a few times now, and it’s always a fulfilling experience.

Nina Haft & Company and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center’s Dance Up Close/East Bay present the premiere of To begin with the ending already in sight, a performance installation of dance, sound, words and food in Berkeley. The show explores the experience of desire through the five senses. To begin with the ending already in sight charts the experience of desire from fleeting sensations into palpable evidence of arousal: movement, words and relationships. The event integrates improvisation and choreography, with vigorous, rough, delicate and vulnerable movement. The evening is set up to invite audiences to witness the performers up close as they form alliances and break apart. The costume, scenic and lighting design for the evening hints at the lives that once inhabited the rooms of a private residence, now occupied by Shawl-Anderson Dance Center. Audience members will move freely between rooms as if attending a house party, watching movement while sampling food and drink prepared specifically for each part of the performance. The entire evening of dance, sound, words and food is inspired by a work of flash fiction by Britta Austin, and is the culminating installment in a suite of works by Nina Haft & Company inspired by Ms. Austin’s writing.

Choreography: Nina Haft with the Dancers
Dancers: Rebecca Johnson, Edmer Lazaro, Rogelio Lopez, Andrew Merrell and guests
Music and Sound Composition: Matt Payne
Scenic and Lighting Design: Rogelio Lopez
Costume Design: Keriann Egeland
Culinary Design: Nina Haft

Get tickets here:


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