playing catch-up

Just to catch you up on a few cool things that have happened lately.


This was the scene at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, when I was lovingly squeezed into a show with Together We Are Robots, Crashfaster & Slime Girls. I caused a ruckus with some friends, and some people I met just that night. Things went well. I also had the opportunity to sit in with Slime Girls in a somewhat impromptu fashion.


This was the scene at Rockage 2.0 on Sunday, when I was joined onstage by both my string and sax sections. The show was a remarkable experience, and one I intend to repeat.


You can see some footage from the Bloops and Bleeps coverage of the show here: – if you dig around in that 8 hour video, you’ll find not only my full performance, but also an interview and a chiptune panel, as well as super awesome performances by Jazzybosses, Urizen and Bit Brigade – not to mention a fantastic performance by Meerenai Shim of my piece Flight of the Bleeper Bird. Well worth the dig.

So then after all this Rockage hooha, it was time to chill out. I played a mostly acoustic show at the Lost Church, opening for and sitting in with my once-upon-a-time-bandmates in All My Pretty Ones. They just put out a new EP that I played a lot of stuff on that I highly recommend – the EP is called Assemblage, and you can check out a track from it on the band’s soundcloud:

So what’s next? I have new things in the works, including more New Music pieces for gameboy and a variety of instruments, an instrumental record of mostly chip and banjo jams, and some surprises – so stay tuned!

I’ll also be taking a trip to Portland in late March, so keep an eye out for me there – if you have any interest in booking me for a show in the PDX area at that time – drop me a line, okay?


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