Crests and Crafts


This last Tuesday, I had an amazing time playing a variety of free reeds and percussive elements with The Family Crest, and helped them debut a number of new songs at their last show of the calendar year. Liam snuck me a listen to a mix or two from the new record, and I can safely say that you will be blown away when Beneath the Brine is released next year.

Oh, and the bass harmonica made an appearance at the show.ImageAs always, there is a ton of great photos and some video content over at

As I write this, it is Saturday night, and Kelley and I are hard at work finishing up our preparations for Handmade: A Craft Faire, which is tomorrow at noon. If you’re in the SF Bay Area, do not miss this awesome collection of handmade goods, notions and delicious food. I’ll be performing intimate sets of my chiptune and banjo material throughout the afternoon, and selling some audio and glitch visual gear, made almost entirely from carefully curated recycled parts.


And finally, a little save-the-date: December 28th, The Starry Plough in Berkeley. I’ll be debuting some string arrangements, a little experiment. More info soon.


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