Many an upcoming event.

There’s a lot just over the horizon. New releases, both of mine and of others (with a helping hand from me). For example, you may or may not remember my involvement in an excellent little ensemble called All My Pretty Ones – well I toiled away with them for awhile on a little 6-track EP. In addition to helping to arrange Derek Schmidt’s beautiful songs, I played trombone, euphonium, banjo, percussion, probably some other things. The whole EP will blow you away, truly, but for the moment you will have to resign yourself to enjoy only this sample track:

Additionally, I just recorded some accordion and bass harmonica for the upcoming album by The Family Crest entitled “Beneath the Brine”. While I won’t have any audio treats for you in that context for a bit, I’m excited to let you know that I’ll be performing with them once again this coming Tuesday at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco. More info at this Facebook event. In case you aren’t familiar with what happens when I play shows with the Crest, it tends to get pretty epic.


And just mere days after that, I’m very proud to announce that I will be performing and selling electronic wares (modified game consoles for music and visual art, built and rebuilt audio effects, possibly some baby related things) at a wonderful craft event in the Oakland/Emeryville area. My wonderful wife Kelley will be at my side, selling a variety of handmade goods. The variety and quality of vendors who will be present is simply astounding, and the event is not to be missed.

The details, quite simply, are as follows:

Sunday, December 9, 12-4 pm
6131 Baker St, Oakland, CA

There is also a Facebook event, please let us know you’re coming!

That’s it for now. Hope to see you at an event this coming week. Keep your eye on this space for more new music, coming very soon!

Image(Why yes, these gameboys WILL be for sale at the craft faire mentioned above, thanks for asking!)


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