A Multitudinous Variety of Upcoming Expositions

There’s a lot going on in the near future, and I’d like to dig into it swiftly, but first let me dwell briefly on the past.

Last month on July 7th I had the distinct pleasure of talking with and performing for Blake Morse of Week in Geek for the second edition of his monthly “video game related in some way” music show Bloops and Bleeps. Although you may have missed the live internet broadcast, fret not; you can view the entirety of both the interview and the performance right here if you so please!

Looking forward now, we see many things on the horizon. Number one is Route XIX, the monobomb studios tour up through the Pacific Northwest in which The Glowing Stars and Matthew Joseph Payne are both performing. For now, I’d like to particularly draw your attention to the following flyers, designed excellently by the fantastic Richard “minusbaby” Caraballo:

I am excited to be performing in San Francisco at the glorious DNA Lounge. This set will be special and unique in ways I am not yet ready to reveal, so stay tuned.

I will also be performing in Seattle for the first time at the absolutely wonderful Pink Gorilla Games, who hosted a bloody performance by The Glowing Stars last time we were in town. Check out their currently running Kickstarter campaign, and help them start a chiptune and gaming themed nightclub in Seattle!

But wait, there’s more!


As you can see, I’m excited to be performing in a show curated by Meerenai Shim, with whom I had a fantastic time working on Jonathan Mann‘s Song-A-Day project, album and show last year. She is an extremely talented flutist who commissioned me to write a three movement piece for flute and Gameboy, which will be debuted at this show. The piece is titled “Flight of the Bleeper Bird”, and pulls as much from danceable chiptune as it does from my more academic side.

In addition, I will be performing some of my more unusual works, along with live video. It should be a very exciting night. I encourage you to check out some of the other fantastic performers and composers involved.


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