Laurel Summer Solstice Festival and Bloops and Bleeps Webcast

I have been neglecting my duties, and for that I can only apologize. Life is oft a harried and trying thing and misbalances become the norm. No matter, here I am.

I recently had the grand opportunity to perform in support of The Minibosses when they recently performed in San Francisco at the Hemlock Tavern. As well as my dear friends in Crashfaster performed, now replete as a full band with the delightful Keiko Takamura on vocals, as well as Morgan’s new Moog Minitaur on bass. The excitement and camaraderie was palpable from the first downbeat of my LSDJ cartridge to the last squawk of the Minibosses’ guitars.

There is a writeup of the show on ThaSauce, which is rather entertaining. No lies, I did in fact wrestle audience members during “Fearplug“, including my good friend Xombie, who was quite a willing sport.


Looking forward, I am excited to be representing anti-futurist futurist music back to my “hometown” of sorts. I grew up (in significant part) in Oakland’s Laurel District, and I will be performing on June 21st at the Laurel Summer Solstice Festival at 3:30pm at the corner of Brown and MacArthur. This will be the first outdoor Matthew Joseph Payne show. It will be bookended by a fantastic and wide ranging selection of other acts, all local to the neighborhood. I for one am joyous at the opportunity.

This is a great chance to see me perform with family; the festival is very kid friendly. It’s also a great chance to see me on a budget, as it is free.


Many of you are of course locationally challenged, relatively speaking, so as not to leave you out on a proverbial limb, I am excited to announce that I will be performing on the second episode of Blake Morse’s new webcast Bloops and Bleeps, focused on video game related music. I will be interviewed on unknown subjects, and will be performing possibly for quite a long time. I imagine it is not to be missed, and I suggest that to avoid such missing, that you join this Facebook event so that you might be reminded (and be provided with the actual link).

There is more on the horizon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.


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