The release of Gargantuan Acoustic Locator is nearly upon us. I’ve made this delightfully low res flyer for your informational perusal.

Are you getting tired of seeing our horn-headed friend here yet? I hope not. He plans to be around for quite a long time. He’s making friends, getting established. That’s what his kind do, I suppose. Anyway.

The official release date for the EP is February 17th (the San Francisco show), but I will have download codes for sale at Rockage in San Jose as well!

So what’s so great about these shows?

Rockage, for one is not only the debut of this new MJP material, but it’s also a rare chance to see The Glowing Stars and Matthew Joseph Payne on one stage – plus Crashfaster, The Megas and more – AND two days of free play arcade gaming!

And as for the Rickshaw stop, I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the stage with Judgement Day and Whiskerman, gentlemen of the finest quality. String metal and chip-doom-folk (or whatever I am exactly) – what a pairing!

It’s also worth noting that the setlists at the two shows will be… significantly different.


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