Upcoming shows and a new blog.

I’ve confirmed two shows in the bay area now for February at which I will present the new Gargantuan Acoustic Locator material.

Pre-release copies will be available at Rockage San Jose on February 11th, where I will share the stage with my other band The Glowing Stars as well as our good friends Crashfaster and other chip and non-chip luminaries.

The official release, of course, will be at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco with the fantastic Judgement Day and Whiskerman on Friday, February 17th. It will be a ridiculous night, not to be missed.

I’ve also started a blog called Rubbish Bin Records, where I will be reviewing vintage thrift store vinyl that I listen to while attempting to put Rowan (our 5-month old) to sleep at night. Posts usually come up around 5am. The level of provided amusement will vary wildly based on how amused I am by the record; them’s the ropes I guess.

Hey also, there’s some really exciting things happening in January with The Glowing Stars along with our good friends Awkward Terrible, so keep an ear out on our website and our twitter. HINT HINT.


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