Announcing: Gargantuan Acoustic Locator

In celebration of the financial successes of recent worldwide combat operations and political maneuvering, Matthew Joseph Payne is proud to announce his upcoming release entitled “Gargantuan Acoustic Locator”, due to be released on Friday, February 17th, 2012.

Gargantuan Acoustic Locator cover

Blending progressive chipmusic, folky banjo and doom music to tell the story of the integration of warfare into our modern mechanized society through the lens of American cold war propaganda. Equal parts epic slow drone and high speed chip music, “Gargantuan Acoustic Locator” promises an intense 20 minutes (or so).

In conjunction with the release, there will be a live performance in San Francisco, CA on February 17th at the Rickshaw Stop with string metal band Judgement Day and the fantastic Whiskerman.

With the release still two months out, expect more details on both recording and live show, as well as video content and other bonusy stuff as the date approaches. For now, enjoy the fantastic cover artwork by KeFF!

For the moment, you can also enjoy a preview track entitled “Detour of Duty” right here:


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